The state of California is trying to get the information it needs from its students and employers about financial services providers.

California students, who are eligible for free or reduced-cost student financial services through the state’s student financial aid program, are among those who can benefit from these services.

Many students are also eligible for employer financial services.

They can apply for these through their job sites and employers, as well as through a website called

The state also has the opportunity to use a system called E-Student, which lets students use financial information from other financial institutions to access financial services on their own.

For instance, you can apply and get financial aid by sending your student information to E-Sell or E-Recruit, for example.

E-Student is available to California students and California employers, and the state is working to make it available to everyone.

But the process isn’t as easy as it should be.

It’s a little confusing, and it can be a little intimidating, if you’re not familiar with what to do to get started.

First, let’s go over some basics.

Who’s covered?

What’s covered, and what can I do?

There are several things you can do to learn more about financial aid.

The first is to contact your school’s financial aid office to make sure you qualify.

The other thing you can check is what’s covered by the federal student aid program.

It’s usually called Stafford loans, which are subsidized loans, and can be used for tuition, room and board, or for books and supplies.

The federal government covers the rest.

You can also apply for financial aid from other sources, including the California College for All Act (CCAA), the state budget, the California State Teachers Association, or the California Association of State Teachers.

For more information, read on.

What’s covered in California?

Financial aid can be awarded for any of the following categories. 

Some are more popular than others.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out our list of the 10 best financial aid programs in California. 

The state has a wide range of financial aid options.

There are two types of financial assistance, federal and state.

Federal financial aid is available for students enrolled in public colleges and universities and to students attending schools outside the state. 

Students enrolled in private colleges are eligible to receive up to $2,500 a year. 

State financial aid for students at public universities and community colleges is limited to $4,000 for the first two years of enrollment. 

Student financial aid awards are based on a student’s income and family size.

For example, a student with a family of four making $75,000 per year would receive up of $2.4 million in federal financial aid, but would only get up to about $2 million in state aid. 

Federal student aid is limited by the cap on household income, so a student in the top 1% of families, or families earning more than $120,000 a year, would only receive about $5,000 in federal aid.

If a student is eligible for federal aid but is not eligible for state aid, the cap is the same as the cap for federal students. 

States can apply to have federal student loan caps lower for students eligible for loans to pay for education. 

Under state financial aid laws, there are also limits on the amount that can be funded through federal aid, depending on whether the student is a resident of the state or not. 

You can check if you qualify by calling the financial aid agency you’re applying for, but it may take a while to get your information. 

How to find out if I qualify?

If you can, you may want to check your income and household size.

You may also want to contact the state for more information.

It can be challenging to get answers to your questions, so check with the office where you live. 

If you are unsure, you should contact your local office to see if you have other options.

It may take several weeks for the state to update your information, so it may not be possible to get an answer. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

For the most part, there aren’t any specific rules about what students and families are eligible.

There are two main ways that students and family members can receive federal financial assistance: through the federal Pell Grant program, which is a student aid award, and through the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), which is also a student assistance award. 

There are also certain eligibility requirements that students can meet if they are receiving aid through a job or apprenticeship program, or are enrolled in a public college or university. 

For more details on eligibility requirements, see our guide on applying for financial assistance. 

Which financial aid sites are available in California and what do they offer? There are

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