If you are a mom who wants to take your family to the movies but doesn’t have the time to watch every single movie, now is the time.

According to Mallory Mallory, one of the best ways to spend Christmas is to shop around for your favorite gift.

This includes a good movie ticket, as well as a favorite book. 

In this article, Mallory shares five gifts that she absolutely, positively would have gotten her parents for Christmas. 

The first one, which she also recommends, is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. 

This film is filled with adventure and humor, and the best part of this gift is that it’s not even required. 

“When you read the book, you can literally watch the whole movie,” Mallory said. 

For some of the movie’s characters, Mallories husband had to put on a lot of weight to make the movie, and he couldn’t even stand up for himself. 

As for the gift that she’s most excited for her family to get?

Mallory thinks that she would have loved to get a Hobbit-themed book.

“I love books about hobbits, but I love the ones that are not set in Middle Earth, because you don’t know what the future will hold for them,” Mallories son, Brandon Mallory Jr., said.

“And I also love books that are set in Westeros, but that also don’t have all the conflict and violence that we see in the movies.”

The second gift Mallory is most excited about is the Hobbit: The Movie Pack. 

Although there are only five movies in the Hobbit franchise, Mallies son has already ordered four of the films and will be sending them to his parents in the mail as soon as they arrive. 

According to Mallories sons gift to her parents, she would like to get her mother one of every movie in the trilogy. 

She also thinks that her parents will enjoy reading the books they love. 

You can watch Mallory’s full interview with Mallory here. 

And, of course, Mallry is super-glad that she and her son are able to go shopping with her. Read more @mallorymallories, @christopherdavidson, and @theguardian

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