Ford Motor Company and Ford Motor Co. have been battling for control of the world market for more than three decades.

And now, as the auto giant struggles with its third financial crisis, the U.S. Federal Reserve is likely to be making the final call on the future of the automaker and the U,S.

financial system.

Ford shares fell 6.7% to $25.56 on Tuesday.

Ford, the worlds biggest automaker, is the world leader in cars and the industry’s second-biggest bank, behind JPMorgan Chase & Co. But the auto maker has been in a deep financial crisis since the collapse of its flagship, Ford Fusion, in 2009.

Ford’s financial woes are also the result of the company’s decision to make the Fusion more fuel efficient than it was before.

The Fusion lost money on the U-turn, but Ford was not required to do so.

But this month, the company announced it would cut 2,000 jobs, a move that would cost it $7.3 billion.

Ford also has struggled with falling demand for its popular Lincoln Town Car, which is also known as the Lincoln Navigator.

The company has said that the Navigator, which costs $20,000 more than the Fusion, will be sold in 2019.

Ford is expected to announce a new product line of pickups later this year. 

But a Ford executive said on CNBC that the company may be able to make some money in the near term.

The Ford financials are not what they were before the Fusion crisis, but the company is on a path to be profitable in the long term, said Gary Gensler, Ford’s senior vice president for corporate finance.

Ford expects to earn about $3 billion from sales of the Navigators this year, down from $5.2 billion last year.

The Navigator is Ford’s biggest revenue driver.

Ford said that it would also be able hit a $3.5 billion profit on sales of new Lincoln Town Cars, a car that has been the companys top brand since the Fusion’s launch in 2009, according to Bloomberg News.

But Ford has also struggled with declining sales of its popular Expedition, which has been a popular model for years, with Ford CEO Mark Fields saying the SUV will be off the market by the end of 2020.

Ford has already shed about 8,000 employees as part of the financial crisis.

The Financial Times recently reported that Ford is on track to shed 7,500 jobs in the United States by 2020, a figure that would be a steep reduction from the 9,000 it lost in 2019 and 8,500 in 2019 alone.

Ford recently laid off nearly 2,200 employees in the U and Puerto Rico, according the Wall Street Journal. 

Ford has said it plans to increase its workforce by 4,000 workers. 

The company has also been dealing with the fallout of a scandal in China.

Ford was hit with a $10 billion fine in October for using fake documents to pay millions of U.s. workers to keep jobs in China after a Chinese official revealed that the automaking giant used fake documents in order to avoid paying workers in the country.

Ford denied using fake documentation in the past. 

This is not the first time that Ford has faced scrutiny from regulators.

In April, the Treasury Department fined Ford $1.5 million for failing to report billions of dollars in U.N. relief payments in 2010.

The automaker also had to pay a $2 billion fine last year after it paid a $1 billion penalty to the Us. government over its illegal use of the “Buy American” label. 

It has also faced a barrage of criticism in recent years over the company.

In January, a report from the Wall St. Journal said that Ford’s sales and profits fell in 2015.

The report also said that revenue in China dropped by more than 70% and profit in the US fell by 30%.

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