The financial ombudsperson for the Northern Territory, Craig Ritchie, has taken the unusual step of naming himself as a beneficiary of the scheme, the PFS Financial services Fund.

The fund was launched on the advice of the Northern Premier, who is now in the White House.

The Northern Territory Government says it is committed to delivering a “sustainable and sustainable financial services model” that helps people make better decisions about their lives.

Craig Ritchie says he has made a personal commitment to the fund as a way to help pay for his wife’s medical costs.

He says the scheme was “very important to me”.

“It’s something that’s been important to my family for a very long time,” he said.

“My wife has been working in financial services for over 30 years.”

I’ve made a commitment to her and to me that we will get the best possible support for her, and we’re going to take that as an opportunity to do that.

“We’re also going to be working to try and support all the people who are in the financial services sector.”

People have asked me why I’m a PFS beneficiary.

I say, well, because I know what I can do to help them out.

“Mr Ritchie has been a financial services consultant since 2002, and was paid by the Government to provide services to the Northern Territories.

He was the director of financial services in the Northern Territorians Legislative Assembly from 2012 to 2016, when the NT Government appointed him to a new role.

He now works as a financial ombudsman for the NT.

He said he was delighted to be named as a PESFP beneficiary.”

When we’re in a crisis, it’s always difficult to have a crisis fund,” he told the ABC.”

That was an absolute relief.

It was a really good opportunity for me to see if I could help out my wife.

“It was really helpful to be able to help out her in a way that wasn’t just financial.”

And hopefully I can continue to do my job and do the job well.”PFS financial services is an industry-led voluntary scheme, run by a private fund and staffed by a board of independent consultants.

It provides financial advice and services to people who use financial services and the NT’s public and private sectors.

The Northern Territories Government says the fund provides a range of support to people with low-income and other financial issues.

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