A solar business may not be a household name, but it could be a very lucrative business.

Here are some of the things you need to know to get started.


The solar industry is booming 2.

Solar leasing is a viable option for homeowners 3.

The U.S. is a major solar market and solar is expanding 4.

Solar energy is a key ingredient in building a solar energy infrastructure.


You can get an energy return on your investment by installing solar panels.


The cheapest solar panels can be as little as $4.

And the best ones can be over $5 per watt.


Solar panels are cheap because they are produced from renewable resources.


The first solar panels are often made from recycled material.


A typical solar panel will last up to 15 years and is rated for a peak of 20 years of service.


The average home needs about 3,000 watts of solar power.


You need to install your solar panels in a sunny location, preferably in a sheltered location, such as the roof.


If you live in a small apartment or townhouse, you’ll need to choose a building with a balcony or a balcony roof.


The biggest risk of solar panels is the loss of a roof.


The panels will also absorb sunlight, which can be damaging.


The most expensive panels can cost between $300 and $700 per watt of power.


There are three main types of solar cells: silicon, ceramics and pico.

Ceramics are more expensive than silicon and are generally used in solar thermal systems.


Solar thermal systems are typically used in buildings, where they’re heated using solar energy.


Ceramic solar cells are more durable than silicon solar cells.


Solar PV panels can use the sun’s rays, which are heat-absorbing.


The technology of photovoltaic panels is advancing rapidly, and the panels will be cheaper than traditional solar panels by the year 2020.


You’ll need a backup source of electricity to keep your solar systems running.


You should install solar panels as part of a long-term solar plan.


The cost of electricity from a solar plant is relatively low.


Your electricity bill will be lower as a result.


Solar photovolcanics will generate energy that’s much cheaper than electricity from conventional power plants.


Solar power can generate power when the sun is shining, which is a critical part of most home solar systems.


You could buy an energy recovery unit that helps you store energy from your solar system.


The price of solar energy is declining, and it is expected to remain lower than traditional power generation for the next few decades.


Solar panel prices are increasing.


Solar is also an alternative to wind power because it uses less electricity.


The International Energy Agency expects global solar installations to increase by 50 percent by 2025.


A solar panel can provide a profit of as little $10 to $15 per watt for a typical home.


You don’t need to buy a new home to get solar panels installed.

They can be purchased online or at an electrician’s garage sale.


A small solar installation can be a big money maker for a homeowner.

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