BSI Financial Services Consulting is offering free financial services for a limited time, starting from 1 September.

The free services include a one-hour course on managing your company’s finances, a free consultation with a financial adviser and a comprehensive financial assessment.

The BSI website states that this is the “first-ever free financial service for small businesses”.

In addition to offering the BSI financial services course, the course also includes a free call centre consultation, a 30-day Moneyball programme, a 15-day training programme and a 40-day online assessment. 

The course is available at no cost, but it is free to access online.BSI also offers a free Moneyball program, a three-day, online training programme, and a free online assessment for businesses. 

BSI Financial Consulting has also partnered with Credit Suisse for an online assessment, with the first two courses available for free.BSPI, the BSB Financial Services Group, and BSB Investments are the three other firms offering free consultations with financial advisers and assessments. 

“With the economic recovery now in full swing, there is an urgent need for more information and support for small and medium-sized businesses in the wake of the financial crisis,” said Joanna Bostra, the head of financial services at BSPI. 

Financial services professionals are the second-largest group in the BSP group, behind the BSD group, and it is an area where BSI is looking to expand. 

Last month, BSP Investments announced that it will be adding its first UK financial services office to London. 

As well as offering financial services consulting services, BSI will be offering a financial advice course, and an online financial assessment programme. 

According to its website, BSB Investment will also offer free consultations and assessments with a range of financial advisers. 

With the financial recovery now fully underway, BSU’s financial services team is already looking to hire more experts and advisors in the field of financial advice. 

This is the second free course offered by BSI and the first to come from BSB. 

In addition, the company is also offering a Moneyball course which is aimed at helping companies assess their financial risk. 

Moneyball is a two-day programme designed to assess the ability of small businesses to withstand a global economic downturn. 

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