As the world of financial services gets ever more interconnected, many financial institutions have been moving their operations to the cloud.

The optum system allows you to see how your bank is doing financially without having to rely on traditional phone calls or banking apps.

The optum plan is being rolled out to financial institutions in Australia as part of its new “virtual bank” initiative.

The Optum plan, which was announced last year, is a “virtual” bank that lets customers take advantage of a virtual platform where they can take advantage the services offered by their bank.

You can take part in the optuum program from June 18th until July 31st.

If you’re a financial institution, it’s a good time to take advantage.

The new Optum system will let you see how many accounts you have in your bank, how much they’re paying out and how much money is in the bank.

The bank will then tell you whether you qualify for the Optum financial product and offer you a number of financial products and services.

You’ll also have the ability to access information on how much you’ve been paying in interest on your loans and whether you are getting a tax rebate.

The Australian Taxation Office says the optums will provide “significant and meaningful benefits” to consumers.

Optum Financial Services CEO Chris Hoggard says the savings will “help Australians make more informed decisions about their financial wellbeing”.

“Optum Financial has been a leader in providing the best consumer experiences in the financial services industry and it’s great to see that we’re now able to offer Optum a range of products that will help our customers make more smart choices about their investment and tax compliance,” he said.

“Optuums can also be used to simplify their tax compliance and minimise the cost of compliance.

Optuums are a valuable asset for Australians to have access to when working through the tax system.”

It sounds like Optum is targeting the millennial generation, as many of them are already opting for the optuity product.

This is not the first time Optum has been rolled out in Australia.

It was launched in the US in 2015.

Optum has plans to roll out the optutals in the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

It’s not clear how many banks will be included in the roll out.

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