President Donald Trump is considering an overhaul of the federal workforce that would offer more than 1 million people a new career path.

A memo sent to congressional leaders Wednesday indicates the administration is examining how to streamline and simplify the government’s financial recovery and career services programs, which serve millions of Americans.

It would also lay out how the administration could better leverage the government as a place for businesses and nonprofits to offer career and training programs.

The president’s administration is considering a new federal workforce recovery and employment services program that would include more than a million people, according to a memo obtained by The Hill.

The program, called the “Landrover Financial Services Career and Education,” would be designed to give job seekers a better path to long-term economic success and could offer financial services employees an opportunity to build their career or to expand their skills, according the memo.

The memo also outlines how Trump could use the program to leverage the federal government as an alternative to traditional federal programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

It also proposes how the Trump administration could streamline the Federal Retirement System, a key source of job training for millions of workers, and streamline its workforce recovery efforts.

The proposal, which is likely to face opposition from some lawmakers, is a key step in Trump’s efforts to overhaul the federal retirement system.

The landrover workforce recovery program would provide jobs and job training to people eligible for the federal unemployment insurance program.

It would also help businesses and charities that provide career and vocational training.

It is the first major policy proposal from the Trump White House to address the growing financial recovery needs of people who lost their jobs or were laid off during the economic downturn.

It comes as Trump is working on a series of executive orders aimed at streamlining the federal economy.

It was unclear whether Trump’s office is considering expanding the Landrover program, which would include hundreds of thousands of new people who have no previous experience in financial services or have not had a chance to get training.

Landrovers provide job training, financial counseling, financial planning, loan modification, tax preparation, credit card processing, financial accounting, and other services.

The government currently offers more than $1.5 trillion in job training programs and nearly 1.5 million people received job training through the programs in fiscal year 2017.

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