xerorgontrolls the platform XB.tv is the world’s largest subscription-based streaming media platform, and it has been going downhill for quite some time.

The company announced last year that it was shutting down in 2017, and this summer it announced that it had closed its doors entirely.

But there are some new signs that the company is still alive.

xeroridge, the company that made XB in the first place, is now working on a new version of the platform.

And in a new interview with The Verge, xerion founder Eric Sussman has said that he’s “not even sure” if XBtv will ever be revived.

xBtv was a product of a very different company, which has been shut down in the past year.

While it’s not clear whether this new version is the same company, it does show that there are many people with strong ideas about what the future of xBTV could be.

Sussmann said in the interview that he wants to bring XB to a wider audience.

“I’d love to have a wider distribution,” he said.

“It would be great to have this wider distribution.

If you look at the top 20 streaming services in terms of reach, that’s a very small number of people.

If we could reach more people, I think we’d have a great audience.”

He added that the goal for XBTV is to provide a “great experience.” xB is currently available only in select markets, including the United Kingdom and Australia.

It’s still unclear whether the company will bring Xtv streaming to other markets in the future.

We’ll have to wait and see.

XB is an incredibly successful product, and there’s no reason to think that it’s going to die anytime soon.

But it’s also possible that its future is in doubt.

Sommers interview with the Verge also indicates that the idea of creating a new TV platform in a way that is free to consumers was a priority for the company.

He also says that he’d like to see more content on the platform, including original programming.

It seems likely that XB would be a good choice for the right kind of content.

If the company does bring XTV streaming to the world, it could be one of the best things that’s happened to TV in a while.

xbtv is a product created by Eric Sommes, a veteran of Netflix and other streaming services.

He’s also a longtime partner of Sussmans and xerolabs, a company that makes a lot of its money from XB streaming.

Sossman is a founding partner of Xerox Financial Services, a firm that specializes in providing financial services to financial institutions.

We’ve reached out to xerors parent company for comment.

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