As wildfires ravage the Dakotas, it is increasingly clear that some farmers in the state are not in the best position to handle the situation.

In the past week alone, Dakota farmers have reported losing up to half of their corn crop and nearly 40 percent of their hay and cattle feed, according to a report by the Dakota State University.

The report was released as the state struggles to recover from wildfires that destroyed more than 3,000 homes, destroyed more then 100,000 acres of agricultural land and destroyed at least two thousand buildings, schools, parks and other public places.

The fires are ravaging the state because of a drought that is ravaging corn and soybean production, destroying fields and livestock feed, causing severe water shortages and forcing many farmers to sell their crops.

The fires also have devastated farmland, destroying livestock and crops.

As wildfires ravaging Dakota, it has become increasingly clear some farmers are not ready to handle them.

But the Dakota farmers have shown some signs of improvement.

Some farmers have turned their attention to reducing the impacts of wildfires on their land.

The Dakotans’ problems are compounded by the state’s severe drought.

As drought conditions continue to worsen, the state is on pace to lose about 1 million acres of farmland.

The losses will be devastating to many farmers in northern and western Iowa, Nebraska and Nebraska-Iowa.

In addition, the severe drought and the threat of the wildfires could force some farmers to relocate their operations from other states, such as Illinois, Kansas and Tennessee.

In Iowa, some rural counties are seeing a 30 percent drop in their population.

“It’s a disaster,” said Rick Anderson, executive director of the Iowa Farm Bureau.

“I can’t imagine what it’s going to do to the farm, the livestock, the crops.”

The fires have caused many farmers and ranchers to lose livestock and cut back on hay, corn and grain production.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture said it expects to see an average of about 1,500 acres of hay and grain loss each day as the drought persists.

The situation is compounded by a recent court ruling that allowed the Dakota Department of Natural Resources to close its dams and divert water from a lake into the Des Moines River for agriculture and livestock use.

The droughts are also putting farmers in a difficult position.

The drought has already forced some farmers and ranching companies to shut down.

But those that remain have lost a major source of income: the sale of their livestock.

The state has had to rely on private donations to help pay for many of the farmers’ operations, such the purchase of water pumps and irrigation equipment.

The DNR says it is working to find a solution.

But with the drought in place, it’s unlikely the state will have a solution for its drought-stricken farmers.

In some areas, the DNR has been able to turn to private contractors to handle some of the costs.

But these companies often work in areas with poor access to water, and the companies may not be able to provide adequate water supplies.

The agency said that as the droughty conditions persist, it will work with private landowners to find an alternate source of water for their farms, but that some of these contractors may not meet the DNF’s standards for providing water.

The Des Moines area, which is home to more than 1 million people, is home the largest concentration of Iowa’s cattle and dairy farmers.

The area is also one of the driest in the country.

The Iowa Department for Environment and Natural Resources says the drenching drought has caused the number of livestock and hay-producing acres to drop by more than 80 percent since October, compared with the same time last year.

The agency also says the number that have not been affected by the fires has been cut by about 50 percent.

The Dakota DNR is working with private businesses to manage their water supply and the number and type of pumps that they are using.

The DNR said it is planning to have a plan in place to provide more water for farmers and livestock in the future.

The problem is compounded when drought conditions worsen.

Farmers in northern Iowa and western Nebraska are facing the possibility of losing their livelihoods and their cattle herd if the drought worsens.

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