Finanso: It would seem that in the next few months Italy’s footballing prospects will return to normal.

That is not to say that this is a good thing, as the current economic situation and the general uncertainty over the upcoming European Championships in Russia and Brazil, coupled with the new rules for the transfer market, make it a dangerous time to be an Italian player.

However, in my opinion, the transfer window will be reopened once the Champions League knockout stages are over.

It is important to keep in mind that this will only happen if the new financial system is implemented and if there are sufficient financial incentives for the players and clubs to operate in the market.

So far, the current rules are a little too lax, with some clubs being allowed to spend up to 50% of their transfer budget on players.

It will not be a coincidence that the most expensive transfer in Serie A history, Mario Balotelli’s €80 million move to AC Milan, was made possible thanks to this loophole.

In Italy, however, the financial system has to be revamped.

It needs to be reformed and the money needs to flow into the market in a sensible manner, which is not possible now, with so many clubs being run by owners who do not have enough money to invest properly.

In addition, players are now legally entitled to receive a transfer payment equal to 20% of the transfer fee, and in the case of Balotini it is around €12 million, which should have been paid to him.

As long as this loophole exists, the only way for clubs to survive is to make sure they have a clear and proper plan for the future.

If this does not happen, we could be in a position of being forced to sell players, not only to strengthen the squad, but also to avoid having to spend money on a player in the future when we need it most.

The situation is much better than it was a few years ago.

But, of course, it will not come easy.

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