A new study says that people in the United States are spending a lot more on their credit cards than they are paying off.

The study, from Credit.com, says that Americans have about $20 trillion in outstanding credit card debts.

About a third of that debt is on credit cards.

And of that, more than one in four has been outstanding for at least five years.

Credit.org says that credit card balance is up 7% this year and is up more than 10% since 2015.

Credit cards also have a lot of debt.

The average credit card account is worth $8,000, and that’s almost double the average consumer debt.

It’s also up nearly 10% in just two years.

That makes credit cards a lot like student loans: If you take out a student loan, it’s not going to be paid off for a long time.

But credit cards are paid off in just a few years.

“The trend toward increasing debt with credit cards is continuing to grow, with the number of people with outstanding debt rising at the fastest pace in over a decade,” the report says.

“Credit card debt is becoming a growing burden on the U.S. economy.

More Americans are holding onto their credit card balances than are able to repay it, and many of these people will eventually need to make payments on their loans.” 

It’s a big increase over what the consumer debt is worth.

A credit card is a good way to put money away in case something bad happens.

The credit card’s interest rate is usually 1% or less, so you’ll typically pay back the balance within six years. 

The study doesn’t say what causes the rise in credit card spending.

But it suggests that the growing burden of debt may be a result of the government-imposed policies that limit the amount of credit available to the average American.

In 2015, credit card issuers got rid of a requirement that consumers pay interest on any debt up to 30 days after the original purchase date.

The law is a major contributor to the rise of credit card usage.

According to the Credit.net website, more Americans have paid off credit card loans than are paying on student loans and mortgages.

It doesn’t have any hard data on what causes this rise in debt, but some researchers have suggested that it’s because people are using more credit cards and not getting loans to pay them off.

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