Ford is bringing on an experienced financial services representative to oversee the financial services team, who will report directly to the chief financial officer.

The move comes after Nissan announced last month that it was adding its financial services department to the team, and it is the latest move to improve the financial team’s productivity.

Ford has been expanding its financial and operational capabilities in recent years, which it is hoping to achieve by 2020.

In the meantime, Ford is also building a new, more flexible and agile financial services division, and the Financial Services Team is one of the new initiatives.

The Financial Services Department has traditionally been responsible for the finance of Ford’s financial services business.

Nissan Financial Services is currently the financial and human resources team.

In an email to The Verge, Ford’s finance chief, Andrew Dye, said that the Financial Service Department is a “very important part of the business”.

He added that “this change will provide a lot of new opportunities to our Financial Service team and provide them with more independence.”

Dye said the team is in the process of reviewing its roles.

He said that Ford is committed to building a team that is ready for the future.

“We’re making big strides in the next three years,” he said.

The financial services company announced last week that it will be hiring an experienced, senior financial services executive to oversee its financial operations and to report directly directly to chief financial executive Mark Fields.

The new Financial Services representative will join Ford in mid-April and be based in Detroit.

The position has not yet been filled.

Ford’s Financial Service Division (FSD) is a division within the company that has a focus on financial services management, finance, accounting and technology.

The FSD manages financial assets such as pension and retirement plans, as well as financial services for Ford’s corporate and automotive customers.

Ford said in a statement that its financial business will benefit from this move, with “more strategic planning and planning to meet the evolving needs of Ford customers”.

Ford said that it would be able to offer more clarity to its customers and employees about its financials, as part of a larger effort to ensure that it is “the best financial services organization in the world”.

Ford has struggled with declining sales, financial woes and financial instability in recent months.

In March, the company announced that it had taken a $9.9bn write-down in cash and cash equivalents, and that it planned to spend $20bn on acquisitions in the coming year.

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