From the beginning, it has been clear that many of the most innovative financial services companies have struggled to meet the needs of consumers, according to new research from The Associated Press.

“The industry is seeing a severe shortage of people who are willing to apply,” said Richard Schmucker, senior research analyst with the AP.

That’s putting a strain on the financial services industry and, in turn, the nation’s economy, said Brian E. Lonsdale, senior director of research at CreditSolutions Inc., which analyzes the business landscape for the credit unions and other industries.

“They have a difficult time attracting qualified candidates,” he said.

The AP analysis found that nearly 2,600 financial services firms applied to open more than $17 billion in credit unions in 2014, with the number of qualified candidates expected to reach 10,000 this year.

But the number has fallen off dramatically.

In the past two years, more than 1,000 companies have applied to be among the top 10 most-qualified financial service companies in the country.

The companies were required to hire 100 new full-time employees in the U, and those employees are now just over a third of the total number of applicants.

That’s down from more than 70 percent in 2013, the AP analysis said.

That’s not good news for banks.

For one thing, the financial industry is struggling to hire more people in the face of shrinking revenues.

A report by CreditSolution, a credit union consulting firm, estimated that the industry needs to hire about 500 full- and part-time people in 2019 to meet projected demand.

The industry has been losing business because of higher interest rates and rising competition from low-cost alternatives, the report said.

The AP’s analysis of federal and state data shows the industry is losing about $8.4 billion a year, or about 20 percent, due to the drop in business.

And that’s the largest drop in spending since 2007, when the recession began, according in the AP’s report.

The financial services sector is expected to account for roughly $1.8 trillion in the federal budget in 2019, according the AP report.

That would leave a shortfall of nearly $4 trillion in 2020.

Banks have been hiring more workers in recent years, but they have struggled.

The AP’s study found that banks are recruiting in a more diverse range of occupations, but the percentage of graduates who are full- or part-timers remains very low.

The average number of full-timer bankers employed in the United States in 2017 was 11 percent, down from 12 percent in 2016.

Banking’s role in the economy also is shifting.

The recession has put downward pressure on lending, and many companies are struggling to keep up with that pressure.

More than half of U.s. bank credit unions were closed by March 31, the first day of the new year, according.

And nearly a quarter of all banks were operating at or below capacity.

Credit unions, which have been growing, have been able to withstand the recession, and they continue to attract qualified applicants.

But they’re struggling to find enough applicants for a wide range of jobs, including investment banking, consumer lending and financial services.

Some banks have been taking a more aggressive approach to recruiting, while others are focusing more on the skills they need to succeed.

Bank of America Inc. has hired more than 3,000 employees, and it’s hiring more than 2,000 people in its investment banking unit, according a company blog post.

BMO Nesbitt Burns & Hart &amp.

Merrill Lynch Corp. is hiring more and more employees to work in its consumer banking group.

Bank of America is hiring as many as 20 people per month, the company said.

Some of those workers are coming from other parts of the financial service industry.

BofA’s U.K. subsidiary has been recruiting people for the past year and a half, including about 400 people this year, said the company.

It is hiring about 4,500 employees, mostly from the U., in London, U.N. agencies, and the U to do banking, customer service and marketing, according BofA spokesman Ian Brown.

The bank has about 2,500 people in investment banking and consumer lending, according Brown.

The bank has hired about 4 million people since it opened its investment bank in 1998, he said, adding that the bank has seen “a sustained increase” in demand.

Bofa is hiring roughly 400 people a month in its banking unit.

And the bank is hiring around 4,000 workers, mostly in its U.KS. subsidiary, according an employee who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the company’s hiring practices.

The company has also been recruiting more

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